Friday, August 1, 2014

Mommy Minzilla

Hello, Blogger World! We've been busy.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Snow Days

We were hit with two snow storms this winter. It's been wonderfully sunny recently and we are taking in all the warmth with shorts, cute dresses, and flip flops. I think I would be completely okay never seeing snow again in my life. I think Bella enjoyed running around in the snow, which was probably the best part of this brutal weather.

Celebrating Four Years

I'm more than three months behind on my blogging. This year is sure to be a big one for us, so I'm going to attempt to get back on track. We celebrated our four year wedding anniversary last December. Hubby treated us to a spectacular evening at our favorite hotel, The Umstead, including a queen suite, a mani/pedi at their renovated spa, and the most amazing dinner at Herons.

Dinner at Herons was such a special treat for us. We consider us big foodies and we were so excited to have a gourmet meal right downstairs at the hotel. The customer service was outstanding and our three-course meal was the best meal we have ever had. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience having someone brush the crumbs off of our table and having every course described to us.

We returned to our room completely stuffed and popping out of our nice clothes. Someone had come in and sprinkled rose petals all over our room and left fresh champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. We're hoping to return for one last time on our ten-year dating anniversary in June.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Bringing in the New Year

P.S. Hubby decided it was smart to toss his lit sparkler in the air. We were scrambling away, similar to the arrow roulette scene from the movie Grown Ups.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Trip to Aloha Zoo

Just thirty minutes from our home is a small zoo that features rescued animals and is reminiscent of the Matt Damon movie "We Bought a Zoo". We loved the experience at this family run zoo and the dedication of all the employees and volunteers we encountered. 

Aloha Safari Zoo and Rescue was such a treat. Immediately we encountered an enormous python. All I could think about was how at any moment that little boy was going to be swallowed whole. Hubby was fearless and went up to it right away while I gave it a quick poke.

We were really impressed by the variety of animals they had at this small zoo. I was even able to pet a skunk, which just felt like a cat with very coarse fur. All the animals were very active, unlike at a larger zoo where you would have to work hard to find each animal.

Our favorite part of our day was the safari ride. We were given multiple loaves of bread to toss to the animals along our route and they came right to the fence. We were warned that the llamas liked to spit so I tried my best to give them all the bread I could.

My favorite part of the zoo was of course the gorgeous giraffe that you could pet and take pictures with without having to pay extra money. The giraffe hated me, however, and refused to let me pet it. We could have been great friends, Stretch!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

On Repeat: Royals

I miss Austin radio.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Dog Needs Braces

Hubby and I noticed that one of Bella's canines looked like it was rotting. We attributed it to improper dental care on our part so we bought Bella tons of treats that were supposed to rid of plaque and even bought some spray for her mouth. Finally, we gave in and had her looked at by the vet.

It turns out that not only does Bella have bad legs, allergies, corneal dystrophy, and a long list of other quirks, but her teeth are also misaligned. Her incisor was hitting on her canine and slowly wearing down the enamel. I actually find this to be somewhat comical since I work in the orthodontic industry. The vet felt that the best way to save that canine was to extract the incisor causing the damage.

Nearly $450 later, I was able to bring Bella home. For the next fourteen days I had to feed her soft foods only, which meant soaking her kibble in warm water for a good twenty minutes before feeding it to her. She was not a fan of this at all. I have also perfected dispensing medication to her. Bella is too smart to fall for the good ol' peanut butter trick so now I stuff her pills in moist dog food and feed her out of my hand. She can't resist!

Bella was extremely woozy from the anesthesia they gave her for her surgery. She insisted on following me upstairs when I changed out of my work clothes when we got home. After going downstairs on my own for a few minutes, I heard some crying. She was trapped at the top of the stairs and I had to carry her 70-lb furry butt downstairs. 

Oh, Bella. I love you so.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013