Dear Boys (Part One)

I meant to write this post weeks ago. Our living conditions have changed dramatically since then, but here is what it was like for the month of April.

From July to December 2009, The Hubby lived in a house with two other West Point graduates. One left before I moved in, leaving me to fend for myself in a house with two guys. For example, when I visited last August, I had to bring my own hand soap for the bathroom. All they had was a bottle of hand sanitizer gel.

I grew up in a male-free household. It was quite the shocker coming into a frat-house type situation.

Here is the kitchen. It's actually quite nice and clean (after lots of elbow grease), though ill equipped. The Hubby had to buy a bunch of cooking supplies for us, but more on that later.

That dining table along with its chairs are gone now since our roomie moved out a couple of weeks ago, along with all the furniture.

Dear boys,
Why must you have so many Monster drinks?
Why do you have to display all of these empty alcohol bottles?
Is it some sort of great accomplishment?
Why don't you ever clear out your cabinets or refrigerator? I had a shelf and trash can full of expired foods, some from 2008. Attached is a note that said, "Expired food. Toss Wed. night! Do not eat for your own safety, Rangers!"
Why do you need 50+ bottles of beer?
Why did you leave such a small amount of ice cream in the freezer? Just finish it!
That concludes the kitchen edition. The rest of the house is coming up next!


Spencer said…
hahaha i love this. keep the pictures coming!