Dear Boys (Part Two)

Ready to see the rest of the house? It's actually quite cute.

But look closer and you'll spot this sign. There are signs like these all over the house. Apparently, the past tenants decided it would be fine to steal random signs and post them sporadically.

The backyard before it got tamed by a poor landscaper who worked on it for over three hours on a hot Georgia afternoon. Oh yeah, there is a cemetery right behind that fence.

Dear Boys,
Can we get a coffee table that doesn't have plywood as a surface?

It is not okay for the back to sleep on box springs. This is what I slept on the first night in Georgia. I used a coat and a towel for warmth because the blanket was needed for extra padding.

So I convinced The Hubby to get some grown up 600 thread count sheets from Target. Thank you to all those who gave us Target gift cards for the wedding! We're also sleeping on an air mattress, which will be useful for when all our visitors come to see us in Texas.
Why are there so many ugly and heavy weights? I would have tried to organize them, but they're too heavy to move without crushing a few fingers and toes.

How do you not get lost in those video games you play? How do you always seem to know where to go? Must you play them at such a high volume, too? And how adorable are you to wear little head sets so you can communicate with your playmates?
Why must there be knives like this one all over the house? And I have seen and touched too many guns in my life already.
And must you keep the house so cold all the time?
Lastly, do you not see the hideousness of this blue shower curtain and blue bath mat?
But really, I'm so lucky to have married The Hubby because he's not like a typical boy:
  • Toilet seat is never up
  • Doesn't fart in front of me
  • Is cleaner than I am
  • None of that beer from the previous post is his
  • Wasn't the one who chose the ugly shower curtain
  • Asks for permission before playing his video games


Spencer said…
the shower curtains look fine to me hahaha