Oh, It Is Love

Hello, my pretties! You are so welcome here in our new home. We saw your twin brother and sister at Best Buy, and knew that you would be the perfect addition here.

Energy efficient and front-loading, you two make me so darn happy...especially since we have not done laundry in about a month. Do you know how stinky clothes can get if you wear the same things over and over again? I even had to purchase new underwear just to supplement the shortage of clean under things.
You even have cute power on/off and play/pause buttons. And you only cost $16 per year to use! Plus, you shut off as soon as the cycle is over.
I will take advantage of all of your custom programs one day, but right now, I especially adore you for telling me how much time is left before you are done cleaning/drying each load. And you even sing to me when you're done! No more load blaring noises screaming at me to hurry up and empty you.
You, dryer, came slightly damaged upon delivery, but it is barely noticeable and you still work magnificently. And because of your imperfection, we are going to get $50 back from Best Buy.

You know you are a L.A. girl at heart when all you can notice in your bright/colors pile of laundry are the colors of the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers. P.S. Who says blogging doesn't pay off? When I went back to the Best Buy site to get links to our new laundry machines I noticed that the prices went down $30 each. Since they have a 30-day price adjustment policy, we will get $60 plus tax on top of the $50 from the product deficiency.

Um. Can you say, "SCORE?!"


Spencer said…
i need a timer :( and whats so good about front loading?
Min said…
Front loaders use less water and are more efficient! They're also easier to load.