Not an Ambiturner

Bella is incapable of making left turns on our floors, just like Derek Zoolander. It is such a pain getting her out of the bedroom and out the back door in the kitchen to go potty.

But I figured out a plan. At least to get her out of the bedroom, anyway. Do you remember the long process of what it takes to convince her to step on the laminate floors? Well, after I realized that she isn't an ambiturner, I now force her to make a right out of the bedroom and into the laundry room.
Then she makes it down the hallway and to the couch. Crap. Another left turn. No big, she just makes a loopy-loop by turning right all the way around until she can walk straight again.
And in between the coffee table and sofa she goes. Until she reaches that last left...

Here is where we are stumped. It isn't really a left turn. She can go straight if she wants to, but instead, she really wants to hug that wall next to the door so tight that she slips.
Come on, Love. You can do it. You are just two feet away!
Daddy is going to hear about this when he gets home!

Bella. Our very own Zoolander.
(Photoshopped goodness by Debbie's coworker, Kenny)


Rebecca said…
hahahahaha this entire post is so ridiculous
This is hilarious! And I thought my dog was nuts. :)