Not So Subliminal Messages

I think Target is trying to tell me something...

Last week:

Me: Guess what?
The Hubby: What?
Me: I killed another bug in the guest bathroom today! A pincher bug!
The Hubby: Oh...I thought you were going to say that you were pregnant and I was excited.
Me: ....I'm blogging about this.

I know that I write about babies pretty often, but The Hubby and I are not planning on having kids anytime soon. We're batting for 2015 at the earliest. Surprisingly, The Hubby has more of a baby fever than I do. While he was at Ranger School, I had it and it must have transferred over sometime in the past few months.

Every now and then we have the following conversation:
The Hubby(after seeing a cute kid): I want one!
Me: Yeah. Good luck with that.

This is definitely not a good time for pregnancies or infants. I do not want to go into labor alone or raise a newborn by myself while he's in Iraq. Plus, it wouldn't make any sense financially. We like eating steak every now and then for dinner, ya know.

Also, Bella is enough to take care of right now. Sometimes I lose track of where she is and forget that she's still outside. Bad mommy!

So sorry to any grandparents or parents or sisters of ours who want little Mins and The Hubbys running around....although they would be awfully cute, don't you think?


Tiffany said…
NO BABIES!! :( Not until I have the funds to fly out to meet him (note how I didn't even use "him/her"). AHAHA!