Summer Love

I forgot to mention that The Hubby and I celebrated our six-year anniversary on June 12th by going to the wedding of his best man, Kyle, in Ohio. It was a short and fun trip over, and it was wonderful seeing one of our favorite couples again.

Joana cleverly set up a DIY photo booth during the reception and we had a great time acting goofy, or as goofy as I can get.
Every girl deserves to wear a tiara.
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I wasn't able to get pictures of the happy couple or all the great little details she put so much time into doing. I took extra pride because I helped her with inspirational wedding ideas (aka I spammed her email inbox).

Also, I made their invitations as a wedding gift, supplemented with a box full of goodies for their road trip over to Colorado.

Here is the bright and summery yellow envelope. Envelope wraps were printed on full sheet labels and cut to size.
The invitation suite was wrapped in a paper doily and tied together with some bakers twine.
Here is the full set laid out (click to enlarge). I can't take all the credit for the actual design for the invitation itself though. I Googled for casual wedding invitations and fell in love with one and decided to use it as inspiration. I wish I could find the original source, but the link no longer directs to that particular invitation.
Here is the RSVP card and website card up close. Levi is their beloved dog, and I knew that Joana would want him to be incorporated in some way. I thought that having a Mad Libs RSVP card would encourage guests to actual fill them out and mail them.
Envelopes: Paper and More
Fonts and doodles: Fonts for Peas
Full label sheets: Avery

It was a fun little project that kept me productive during Brandon's Ranger School months.

Best of luck to you, Kyle and Joana!


Spencer said…
have you seen the trailer for the sorcerers apprentice where nick cage gives the apprentice shoes that look like brandons and the apprentice says "but these are old man shoes" and nick says "excuse me??" hahaha
Anonymous said…
yay i love your photobooth pictures! that box of goodies was awesome by the way especially those mint oreos, oh my goodness. kyle and i really had to exercise a lot of restraint to keep from eating the entire box within the first few hours of the trip.