Texas Road Rage

Everything is bigger in Texas, and so is my road rage. The street system here is awful. I'm not sure if it's just a matter of having to get used to these different roads and highways, or if they really are just that incredibly stupid.

I'm going to try to explain this as simply as I can (click diagrams to enlarge). There is basically one main highway that is sandwiched between two one-way streets. In order to get to your destination (B=Target), you have to go past it, exit, and then make a loop around.
That seems simple enough, but what happens when you miss your exit or turn? For example, you are at A (Hobby Lobby) and you have to make the next left turn in order to make a loopy-loop so that you can get to the highway entrance on the other side. But in order to get to that loopy-loop, you have to cross four lanes of traffic--a nearly impossible task during rush hour.
So you decide that you don't want to deal with crossing over four lanes. Instead, you make a right turn onto the one-way road and have to go an extra three miles before you get to the closest loopy-loop in order to get to the entrance to the highway on the other side.
This system means that you have to add an extra five to ten minutes to your travel time in case you miss a turn. It also means more car accidents because drivers force their way through the four lanes of traffic since they don't want to go the extra three miles to make it to the next left turn.

Also, the GPS does not register these streets here, and especially the ones on post. It's as if we are in the middle of nowhere.

Did you get all that? If not, then you're just going to have to come visit to experience it for yourself. I suppose I'm not making Texas sound nice enough to travel to, am I? We at least like Austin!


Tiffany said…
That sounds worse than Berkeley... where all socal drivers get instant road rage.
Anonymous said…
Not surprised, since it IS the south.
Alvin said…
I remember Austin's highway system not being that much better. I definitely remember a lot of loops.