Things I Don't Get

  • Acne at (almost) 22 years old.
  • Soldiers in ACUs jaywalking. I cannot see you in your uniform that was designed not to stand out, just so you know.
  • Why we get the Pentagon Channel but no other cable network.

    A workout program on the Pentagon Channel called "Fit For Duty".

  • That freakin' polar bear on "Lost".

  • How we were able to eat all of these cookies in a week. Nana must sneak something magical in these things. Probably lots of love. I want more...
  • Why Bella can't make left turns on our floors.
  • Why Bella insists on sleeping right on my feet. No need for socks in the winter. That band aid on my toe is from when she stepped on me.
  • Why the Army insists on making The Hubby spend so much money on things he should be provided.
  • How a frog got into our garage.
  • Why The Hubby thought I would be interested in seeing a frog in our garage.
  • All the bugs I find in our guest bathroom.
  • These stupid stupid roads in Texas with their one-way streets and strange turnarounds.


Spencer said…
i have a feelings im gonna read a lost spoiler here soon