Turn Down, Let Down

My birthday was overall a nice day that was a welcomed interruption to my daily life. I loved hearing from old friends. If they hadn't called, the only spoken words out of my mouth would have been towards Bella.

I got some great goodies from The Hubby's mother: a baking for gift-giving cookbook, a Pioneer Woman cookbook, and enough soda and candy to make our teeth rot (just the way I like it).
The Hubby came home with a rose and a new camera hidden behind his back. What a sweetheart. As soon as the camera battery was fully charged, I proceeded to paparazzi Bella and she really didn't appreciate it. I think she has actually started to turn away every time she hears the camera power on.

I don't think you can see the difference in the camera quality yet, but I'm still learning!
If you receive this thank you card from me, know that I almost chocked after licking the envelope. I thought I would just make this public announcement to let you know that these are the worst tasting envelopes ever.

And this is what your sink looks like when you decide that you don't want to do the dishes on your birthday. Can't we just move or buy new dishes?
But the day ended in a somewhat sour note when I realized that I had to turn down the job that I announced I accepted yesterday. In all caps. In bold. In a larger font than everything else. How embarrassing. Not one of my proudest moments for sure.

We realized that it would be impossible to share a car since The Hubby needs it throughout the day for work and the job doesn't pay nearly enough to come close to breaking even if we purchased a new car. Talk about a bicycle was even in the works, but Texas likes to crap down torrential downpours with little or no notice.

So I called back this morning and felt like a complete asshole for wasting everyone's time. I can't help but feel good that I was offered the job over the cocky woman that I wrote about before, but then again she's probably going to get a call today for the same job since I backed down.

I'm not all too upset about this situation, although it would be a lie if I said that I was indifferent. I didn't much care for this job. I just wanted a job. Quite honestly, I am getting fat and lazy and need to get off this couch. I've lost interest in cleaning and cooking and I'm running out of television shows to watch.

But I want to make sure that I make it clear to you that I am not in any way miserable. I am so happy to be married and seeing my husband every day, even if it just for six hours, is enough to make me forget that there is no Disneyland here. I just miss having responsibilities and having the freedom to go wherever I want when I want.

I think The Hubby feels bad for me, but it isn't his fault. He works so hard and I hate that he has eleven hour work days, comes home and works some more, and has to muster up the energy to entertain me when all he probably wants to do is nap with Bella.

I am so glad that I started this blog so that I have some source of a creative outlet. I don't write solely for comments. This is mainly just cheaper than therapy, but here is my desperate plea for my readers to comment a bit more. Right now, I only have three loyal readers who comment regularly and I know that there are more of you out there! I hope!

I don't know if you understand just how much time and energy it takes to put up a single post. A girl just needs to know if she's being heard, you know? Especially if blogging is the only productive thing she does all day.

I'm available for hire if you need someone to wrap your gifts or make invitations. Will work for ice cream and scrapbooking supplies. Just kidding. Sorta.


Spencer said…
my sink looks like that every day. the only solution weve come up with is using disposable stuff

lol "This is mainly just cheaper than therapy" good one.

let me know when youre available for hire if i need an essay written
Tiffany said…
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