Being Adults and Such

A friend posted a link to the New York Times titled "What Is It About 20-Somethings?" the other day on his Facebook. Since when did Facebook become my news source?

It discussed the trend of 20-year-olds moving back home with their parents and jumping from job to job or internship to internship. It was a ten page article so I only skimmed part of it, but here is my take on why this happens:


So you want to move out and live on your own? Here are the things you will be financially responsible for every month:
  • rent/mortgage payments
  • electricity bill
  • gas bill (if applicable)
  • water bill
  • lawn maintenance
  • cable/television bill
  • internet bill
  • cell phone bill (unless you piggyback on your parent's plan like we do)
  • renter's/homeowner's insurance
  • car insurance
  • personal property insurance
  • health insurance (thank you, Army, for free health insurance)
  • gas for the car
  • groceries
  • vet bills if you have a dog (and hopefully you don't have one as messed one as Bella)
  • clothing
And hope that your house or apartment comes with the following or else you'll need to buy these too: refrigerator, stove/oven, laundry machines, furniture, television, and dishwasher (if you're lucky).

It never hit me more that we were on our own until The Hubby had to buy a weed whacker and take care of the lawn for the first time in his life. Check out his protective eye wear and his bulging biceps and triceps .
Let's talk about home maintenance, shall we? There is no mommy/daddy/grandma/maid who comes in to do your chores. You are now accountable for the following:
  • laundry
  • cooking
  • dishes
  • sweeping
  • vacuuming
  • mopping
  • yard work
  • taking out the trash
  • washing the car
  • changing out the air filter and the refrigerator filter
  • scrubbing down toilets, showers, tubs
  • wiping down furniture, counters, mirrors, windows
  • picking up dog shit
  • feeding the dog
  • bathing the dog
Good luck, kiddos! At least you can eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever you'd like.