Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Hubby's New Workout

Last night, Bella ran into the back door when she slid on the doormat after going potty . She was going nuts and was trying to rub her butt on the ground.

I knew exactly what this meant: She had poop stuck on her little hiney. Every now and then she accidentally eats my long hair and a piece of her poop hangs off her butt on a strand of my hair. And then I have to pull out the turd with my hand and a paper towel.

Yes, all of this is too graphic, but I just wanted you to know how much I love Bella. And that this dog would never survive on her own.

Also, The Hubby would never be capable of doing it himself. Silly man.


Rebecca said...

hahaha she looks so bored....

Tiffany said...

Your description of Bella reminds me of a child: she comes running to you at the first sign of trouble. Hope you like wiping baby butts with poo too!

And I think my own fat cat curls are doing wonders for my biceps! :)

littletulip said...

This post made me laugh. That "hanging turd" also happens to Levi sometimes and he runs around like a maniac. I think he thinks the turd is chasing him or something.