Bringing Sexy Back

The Hubby finally returned home yesterday afternoon after almost a week in the field with no showers, three hours of sleep a night, and waking up to spiders the size of half his palm next to his head.

When I went to pick him up, his ACUs stood out from amongst all the rest of the soldiers. For whatever reason, he came back dirtier than everyone else. Our washing machines are certainly working hard.

Clean ACU top vs. dirty ACU top

He came home smelly, filthy, tired, and tanned. But he was also buzzing with excitement. He and his men were put into real war type situations where The Hubby had to lead everyone on missions. I won't go into all the details simply because he was speaking so quickly and in terms that I did not fully understand.

My husband was so animated in his story telling that he was dodging behind counters, grabbing my arm to lead me to safety and running around the kitchen. It was so wonderful to see him be completely caught up in his reenactments. I wish I could had video taped it for you to see, but I doubt he would have been too fond of that.

He described a situation where he had to throw a magazine to some other guy because he was out of ammo. I'm sure that his vast knowledge of war movies came in handy. Who else gets to do this? This is every little boy's dream!

The Hubby's guys seem to really like him, which is so comforting to me because I know that they've got his back. Plus, apparently his platoon rocked it.

When I asked him if he had fun he replied, "Yeah. It was sexy." I don't know when my husband began describing non-feminine things as "sexy", but it is apparently part of his everyday vocabulary now.

Knowing that he loves what he does and is good at it makes him not being home all worth it.


Spencer said…
dude where did he go to find spiders that big?

i feel sorry for the uniform...

this was a pleasant post :)