Craft Room Dreams

The next room we want to finish in our house is my craft room. This would make me absurdly happy as it is currently used as storage for empty cardboard boxes. I worked hours on compiling craft room inspiration ideas and finding the perfect furniture and accessories to fill it with. As always, click to enlarge pictures.


I made this inspiration board using Big Huge Lab's Mosaic Maker with pictures of twelve craft rooms that I envy. It's free and amazingly easy! I noticed that the common elements are white furniture, a lot of storage and organization, and pops of color.
Top row: 1, 2, 3
Second row: 1, 2, 3
Third row: 1, 2, 3
Bottom row: 1, 2, 3

Shopping List:

My shopping list is broken down into three categories: furniture, organization, and accessories. I'm going to go with a Martha Stewart blue, white, yellow, and maybe a few splashes of pink as the color scheme. Some items are splurges, but most are all in a reasonable price range.
1. Etched floral 3-drawer cart (Container Store-$19.99)
2. EXPEDIT work station (Ikea-$119.99)
3. LACK side table (Ikea-$7.99)
4. EKBY HENSVIK wall shelf (Ikea-$19.99)
5. Martha Stewart Sea Glass interior paint (Home Depot) for interior of shelves
6. EXPEDIT bookcase (Ikea-$69.99) stacked on its side

2. SLOM jar with lid (Ikea-$2.99)
3. BLANKEN wire basket (Ikea-$1.99)
4. KASSETT magazine box with lid (Ikea-$12.99/2 pack)
5. Brocade magnetic bulletin board (Container Store-$39.99)
6. KRUS jar with lid (Ikea-$6.99)
1.Whale Love print (Etsy-$20.00)
2. Brocade desk file (Container Store-$19.99)
3. So Very Happy print (Etsy-$23.00)
4. TOLSBY frame (Ikea-$0.99)
5. SMYCKA artificial flower (Ikea-$1.99)
6. Liberty floral media bin (Target-$6.99)
1. KORT art cards (Ikea-$5.00 for 5)
2. SUPERFIN vase (Ikea-$2.99)
3. KARDEMUMMA vase (Ikea-$1.99)
4. Banksy art print
5. CLIPS frame (Ikea-$0.99/4 pack)
6. FEJKA artificial plant (Ikea-$5.99)
7. FARGRIK TROLSK bowls (Ikea-$3.99/2 pack)

Can you picture it all together? I sure can, and it is making me really excited! Also, this post probably took me over eight hours to finish from start to finish. I have a newfound respect to professional wedding inspiration bloggers.

Edit: I noticed that I am missing a "s" in accessories in my inspiration boards. Crap! I would fix it, but it would take way too long so please forgive me.