Even Dirtier Floors

Our floors are rarely clean because of Bella's constant shedding even though I try to Swiffer pretty often.

I came out to the living room this morning and spotted this on our floors. At first I thought it was something Bella dragged in from the backyard, but then I looked closer.
Aha! This mud is a perfect match to the tread on The Hubby's combat boots! That's it! No more shoes in the house.
Did you notice my profile description to the top right? It reads: "A young wife trying to figure out life with a husband who comes home in muddy combat boots and a dog who smells distinctly like Fritos." This has never been more true than this morning.

I knew I should have asked for a steam mop for my birthday!

Edit: This is how much fur I picked up this morning after "Swiffering". It's amazing that Bella has any left on her body.
And this is the note I left on the door from the garage into the laundry room for The Hubby. Kinda hoping that he has to pay me back in back rubs though...


Spencer said…
haha nice one. did it work?
Min said…
He did take off his boots, but the next morning he ended up wearing them inside the house again because he forgot something.