I'm Still Here!

Anyone else notice that I haven't been posting? I got a worried call from Tiff asking what was going on. Don't fear. All is well.

I was doing about three blog entries a day out of immense boredom, but we had our friend Shirley from California visit for awhile so I was able to do better things than sit at my laptop for hours. Thanks, Shirley, for keeping me company while The Hubby was doing who knows what out in the field. Whatever it was, it made him reek. I just hope that all the other guys were just as stinky because otherwise they're probably talking behind his back about his personal hygiene.

Also, Shirley was kind enough to bring me my crafting supplies from back home. I'm dying to do something creative! The craft room is still a box room though. It will be awhile before we get that section of the house up and running.

The Hubby came home this morning at around 0600. I had to drive on post half asleep to pick him up and we spent the rest of the day mostly resting. The guy hadn't slept for 48 hours and now he is at his desk working on a PowerPoint presentation of some sort. I don't remember the last time he had a full weekend off. He's burned out and I miss him. More on all this Army business later though. Boy, do I have some ranting to do!

Anyway, I have some very dirty laundry to take care of so I leave you with yet another video of Bella. She knows that she has to be invited onto the bed, but we caught her stealing some very comfortable zzz's. Spoiled brat was then "punished" by a kiss on the forehead by The Hubby. That man is weak when it comes to her.