Ninja Bella

Bella was banned from the bed starting from Saturday night since I finally got to washing the sheets and comforter cover. I wanted a few days with a fur-free bed, and let's just say that Bella was not pleased.

She whined for a few moments the first night and gave her best "sad puppy eyes", but I would not budge. Then my husband came home the next night and she didn't even wait for an invitation. Bella leaped onto the bed quickly as soon as The Hubby was in bed and I had turned away.

She knows that her daddy's a sucker.

I kicked her off and she proceeded to circle the bed the rest of the night, sometimes stopping to scratch, bike, or lick herself. She did whatever it took to get our attention. We eventually fell asleep.

Suddenly, I felt something by my feet. Bella decided to climb her way up one paw at a time so slowly and gracefully that I only knew because I just happened to be awake at that moment. The Hubby didn't even know of this event.

There have been many mornings where I would wake up with her next to me and not remember how she got up there.

Our dog is part ninja.

Here she is crawling under a table so that she can remain unseen to the untrained eye.
Bella often forgets to hide her tail though. I didn't say that she was a good ninja.

One of my favorite YouTube videos of all time:


Rebecca said…
hahahahaha ninja cat is my faaav
Tiffany said…
Lmao... this is my friend's video.