On How We Ended Up Watching 40 Minutes of Previews

I completely forgot to write about this earlier.

We treated ourselves to a matinée movie one afternoon. Each ticket was only $6.50. Score! I asked The Hubby to look up the showtimes for the new Will Ferrel and Mark Walhberg movie he wanted to see. As he was scrolling down the page, I stopped him when I saw Expendables and told him that the next movie time was 3:25pm.

At the box office, he asked again what the movie title was and I said Expendables. I was wrong again, but I didn't know that yet.

The Hubby and I discussed how we hoped this movie received good reviews and how we really like Mark Walhberg. We sat through the pre-previews and then the real previews for about 25 minutes. I knew something was wrong because the trailers did not reflect the genre of movie that was about to be played as they usually do.

Cut to the beginning of the movie. It's dark and ominous. I see the movie title graffiti painted on a motorcycle and right away I think, "Wow, they're really starting this movie dramatically for a comedy."

Just when I'm about to ask The Hubby if he was sure this was the right movie, I see Stallone's name. We look at each other. I tried to point the blame at him because I legitimately thought that he told me the movie's title when we were looking at the movie times and we argue through whispers and giggles.

Unsure of what to do, we continue watching, trying to convince ourselves that this might be a good movie. But then someone's torso got shot off with a small rifle within three minutes. And Stallone's face never took well to his numerous plastic surgeries. So we quickly left the theater and I had to ask for an exchange in tickets. I'm sure my face was tomato red.

And of course we had to wait another thirty minutes for The Other Guys to play, not including another twenty minutes of movie trailers.

In my defense, I think the title "Expendables" would have worked for the plot of "The Other Guys". Maybe?

Oops. My bad.


Spencer said…
i heard the expendables wasnt bad actually. but yeah the titles do sound like they would work if they were swapped