Not a Jerk

We discovered Saturday evening that our dog would rather hang around humans than other four-legged creatures. We were invited to a barbecue at The Hubby's boss' house and canine friends were allowed to tag along, too.

I was particularly nervous at how Bella was going to behave since another couple attending had offered to watch her for a week while we are in Florida--as long as Bella got along with their dog that is. I was afraid that her love of food would cause a Marley and Me moment and strike terror in their minds.

There were four dogs in attendance: the boss' dogs-Lola (French Bulldog) and Martin (Beagle), Penny (a mutt), and Bella.

Our dog has only really played with three other dogs before in her life and she spends almost 24/7 with me and me alone. Because of this, she has no idea how to play. Plus, she was the oldest dog there so she was much slower and could not keep up with their antics.

While Martin and Penny ran around the backyard, Bella looked so confused. When she finally wanted to join in, she couldn't get into the right rhythm. It was like double dutch jump rope. If she didn't jump in right at the right time, she would have ruined the game.

The main problem Bella had though was that she wanted to be next to me the entire time. This created problems while we were eating because although she refused to go outside with the other dogs, she still insisted on barking at them through the sliding glass door.

Eventually, she was able to stay outdoors with The Hubby and the rest of the men and dogs while the women enjoyed the cool air conditioning indoors. However, The Hubby reported that Martin continuously tried to mount Bella and so she kept barking at him. He was a persistent little fellow and did not understand that "no means no."

This led to some of the guests to think she was mean. One guy went so far to call my baby a "jerk!" Now maybe the situation would have been different if Martin was a royal German Shepherd, but she was not amused by the stubby Beagle.

I can't believe anyone else could see this silly Yellow Labrador as anything else but a love bug.

So if any dog barked or growled from then on, they immediately thought it was Bella although most of the time it wasn't. Also, Penny stole chicken kebabs twice from the counter and people immediately glanced at my poor dog because she was always the prime suspect. When, in reality, she was just sleeping by my feet.

The boss's dogs were climbing onto the laps of guests, begging for food, licking nonstop and barking, but they are little and can get away with so much more than a 70-lb dog.

I can't stand it when others think poorly of my baby. I know that she is just an animal, but I really see her as my daughter. I feel like she is a reflection of how good of a parent I am.

We definitely need to socialize Bella more with other dogs, but the nearest dog park is an hour away. She was indifferent towards Penny so I don't know if that couple is still willing to watch her for a whole week. I planted in the wife's mind that I would watch Penny for two weeks next summer when she goes on a school trip and hopefully that will be enough.

But those of you who have met Bella know that she is a sweetheart, right? *crossing fingers*

me: people badmouthed bella and it made me so angry :(
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