Bella Goes to the Lake

The Hubby and I spontaneously went to the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area (BLORA) on Sunday afternoon. It was about a thirty minute drive from our house and admission was free for military.
Bella went exploring with us, too--although she was more interested in the actual car ride than running around in nature.
BLORA offers boat and equipment rentals. We were interested in renting a boat for a day, but getting one with shade turned out to be too costly. Can you imagine Bella on a boat ride?
We let Bella roam freely in the beginning as there was no one near us, but she spotted the cattle and darted for them. She suddenly grew heroic and barked at the creatures ten times her size. The Hubby had to go get her as we had lost all vocal control over her and she began trying to get through the fence to get closer. It was definitely a "bad parent" moment.
It was a beautiful day.
The actual beach area of the lake was closed due to flooding, but it would not have helped us anyway as dogs aren't allowed there. The Fort Hood area is really not dog friendly at all.
Bella went into the lake on her own, which was incredibly out of character for her. She never wanted to go near the ocean back at Huntington Beach. I think the waves and vastness of it all scared her off.
The Hubby said that he was even more surprised to see me go into the lake with her since I was terrified of Lake Champlain when we visited last May. It's his own fault for showing me YouTube videos on the monster in the lake.
Bella and I didn't stay in the water long after The Hubby noted that the water is probably filthy as the cattle runoff most likely goes right into the area we were standing in. Needless to say, we both got a good scrub down when we returned home.

We are going to try to take her to an actual leash-free dog area in Austin next weekend and hopefully she will go swimming on her own like a real Labrador.


Debbie said…
LOL, why does Bella look like a photoshopping accident in the first picture?
Rebecca said…
there is so much fur on the car..

also, i thouught that said biola and i got excited for awhile hahaha