Fooled Again

I bought a bikini set from Victoria's Secret last week (an extra 40% off swim clearance!). It was only $10.18 for the actual swimsuit, but $5.99 for shipping and handling. Ridiculous.

It basically looks like the one in the picture, except it has white polka dots. And while the swimsuit is essentially the same as the one on the model, it does not look anything like what I had expected.

Perhaps it's because I will never look anything like a Victoria's Secret Angel.

When am I going to learn that just because it looks good on a model, it will not magically transform my body to look the same? Their sizing chart online is way off, too. Or maybe I just think that I am smaller than I actually am.

And why do women feel like they have to wear bikinis? When did one-piece suits go out of style? Oh, in middle school you say? Crap.

So now I'm going to eat some more chocolate and ice cream to make me feel better. Perhaps I have a mild eating disorder...just kidding. Eating disorders are no joke, people!

BTW, we might go to Florida to visit The Hubby's grandparents sometime in October, thus the need to buy a new swimsuit. Cross your fingers for us and hope that The Hubby's boss gives him leave! He has not been able to take time off since last December. Plus, he has eleven to twelve hour work days. We need a vacation!


Spencer said…
wth how does that even stay on?
Rebecca said…
^ it doesnt. dont get those!!! ive had bad experiences!!