A Gift for the BFF

Photo by Hannah Suh

Today is my best friend's 22nd birthday! We have been friends since the sixth grade. We spent many late Friday nights gossiping about boys, our strict Asian parents and bitching about life. 

To show you how much I care for her, let me tell you a little story. 

One afternoon, many years ago, we were both napping after a particularly grueling day of school. And then the earth began to shake. I screamed at her to get up so that we could hide under a table for protection from falling objects, but she would not wake from her slumber. Just as I was about to jump on top of her to shield the sleeping beauty from imminent danger, the earthquake stopped and all was calm again.

That's dedication, yo!

Broke and dying for something to make with my hands, I made her some "artwork" for her walls. Tiffany is studying to become a veterinarian, and she will be a kick-ass one. I hope that these will someday hang in her own animal clinic.

I grabbed some scrapbook paper with animals on it along with coordinating cardstock, some animal stencils, scissors, pencil and glue. 
Just trace, cut, and glue. Simple.

I made them 4 x 6 size. All she has to do is stick them in some white frames.

I attached them onto plain white cardstock by cutting slits for them to slide into and then rounded the corners. Then I tied it all together with baker's twine and stuck it into a birthday card. 

Tiffany, I hope this new year brings you joy and good fortune. Now, go party on!

Chocolate Malt Cake
Frame suggestions from Ikea: 1234


Tiffany said…
I LOVE YOU. And these will definitely be displayed prominently when I get my first office! Everyone will admire your craftsmanship :)
Rebecca said…
i love the animal paper :]