I trimmed Bella's nails the other night and it went much smoother than the first time around. Last time, I barely touched her nail with the clippers and she yelped. Big faker! I like these pictures because it's hard to see where my arms and legs end and where Bella's legs begin. Probably a sign that I need some sun.
She was so good. I think Bella realized that the whole process would go by a lot smoother if she just played dead. I got to take in all that lovely pawsie smell. It's stinky to some, but to me it's surprisingly comforting.
I was terrified of cutting her nails too short, but I had styptic powder nearby which made me less hesitant. Luckily, I didn't have to use the powder because there was no bleeding, but I did use the nail file built into the container. Pretty nifty and much cheaper than the ones sold at PetSmart! (Bamboo brand, two packs for $3.99)
Now we just need to get some doggy nail polish to finish her pawdicure.
Oh, what a diva!


Spencer said…
dude please do not paint her claws