Pioneer Woman Strikes Again!

Can you tell by now that we love to eat? When we discussed all the things we wanted to do when we went back home to California, we ended up listing foods we couldn't wait to taste again--In N Out, Banana Bay, dim sum, Molca Salsa, Crepes and Grapes, my grandma's cooking, Costco churros...

Here is yet another post on food. You know you like to eat, too. Don't judge.

The Hubby wanted to be in charge of dinner last night while I took over the dessert. He browsed through my Pioneer Woman cookbook and found a sour cream pancake recipe that he couldn't wait to try. He didn't find anything in the dinner section that he liked (that was also dairy free) so I told him, "Who says we can't have breakfast for dinner?" Oh, the joy of being adults.
I love that he used my little pink piggy spatula to whip up his delectably light and fluffy pancakes.
He also cooked up some sausages and scrambled eggs with potatoes.

While he was busy working on that, I was prepping for Pioneer Woman's flat apple pie. I halved the recipe because I only wanted to make one pie, added some cinnamon, and used pre-made pie crust.
It was impossibly easy, but looks oh so fancy.
I almost didn't want to share the recipe with you so that you could remain in awe of my sheer talents.
It was absolutely delicious...and gone the next day. We are both craving more!
I had a dream that I met The Pioneer Woman herself. It was marvelous.

The Hubby is making dinner as I type. I sure hit the jackpot!


Rebecca said…
the pie looks great!
Tiffany said…
I want to be a pioneer woman now.