Random Generosity

I spent about 45 minutes in Petco's natural food section today trying to figure out what to grab for Bella. The sweet potato and venison dog food we were feeding her was not working. I read new reviews and apparently the company changed their formula and is no longer as effective in stopping allergies.

I was armed with two coupons:

I didn't end up using them so I wrote "Have a great day" on them and stuck them on a bag of dog food. I hope it brought a smile to somebody. Who doesn't like to save money?

We received mail from Netflix the other day and they had four different codes for a month free trial.

Please leave a comment if you would like one of the four codes. I would hate to toss them in the trash. I think you would just have to cancel your plan before the month's trial time ends and they won't charge you.

Have a lovely night!


Spencer said…
hmmm i like free things but i dont really rent. let me know if no one takes them