Cookie Monsters

We made chocolate chip cookies from scratch for the very first time last week. They were quite delicious, but the texture was different from normal cookies. These were almost cake-like and were really fluffy.
 No chocolate for you, missy!

There are so many chocolate chip cookie recipes out there. I'm now on a hunt my new favorite cookie! Would anyone like to share theirs?

P.S. I absolutely love my cookie dough scoop from Crate and Barrel. They form perfectly round cookies.


shirley said…
those look freakin delicious!
Rebecca said…
^ word

and the tollhouse recipe is my favorite! it always comes out awesome
Nicole said…
Hi Min! It's Nicole from LAHS. :) Anyways, just wanted to say that your blog is so much fun to read! Aaand... I'm not sure if you're only looking for chocolate chip cookies, but if you're willing to try cinnamon, try Google-ing "Mrs's Field's Cinnamon Sugar Butter Cookies." I make them for the holidays and they always turn out delicious! Happy baking!