Florida Vacay

We spent an entire week in Florida with The Hubby's grandparents, and it was splendid. Thanks again, Nana and Pop!

I will do a week of recaps when I get Pop's pictures, but here is just a little preview (click to enlarge). 

Our vacation included:
Tons of food and chocolate
Disney World
Exploring beaches and swamps
Lots of gators
Family bonding
Two trips to the emergency room
Pictures, pictures, and more pictures
Mini golf

And much much more...

You didn't even know I was gone, did you? I scheduled posts for last week in advance so that my loyal readers could get their Married Minzilla fix, which explains why recent posts have been short and sweet.

I didn't tell you exactly when we were leaving because it is not exactly smart to tell the world that our house would be empty. By the way, did you notice that I only refer to my husband as The Hubby? Just a security precaution for a paranoid wife. 

Florida postcard from here
Tape and scallop medallions from Pugly Pixel