Does Bella Miss Daddy?

Most definitely not. He would have kicked her off way before she could have settled down in a comfortable position like this. She is quite content taking his spot on the couch and in the bed. 

Don't read the following if you have a weak stomach. About two weeks ago, Bella climbed onto the couch on her own, but she looked so cute that we didn't care. And then The Hubby spotted brown spots on the cushion she was sitting on. It was not mud. She had leaked poop juices (yes, I'm a college grad) from her butt!

From then on I only let her on the couch if she stayed on a towel. Then two nights ago, I smelled something rancid. I looked down from my laptop and saw that more poop juices were oozing out as she slept in the same position as the picture above. Like a good mother, I grabbed a napkin and wiped it up.

And then I gagged, kicked her off, and banned her from the couch forever.

The end.


Debbie said…
And yet, she still sleeps in the bed? Priorities, woman.
Tiffany said…
I think it might be anal gland juices...which usually smells fishy to me! >.<