Escape Artist

The Hubby and I decided to take advantage of his day off and finally eat some Texas BBQ. We went to The Salt Lick in Round Rock, TX. It has been featured as "the best" in numerous television specials, including The Best Thing I Ever Ate and Man v. Food

On the way there, we saw this on the road in front of us. It was pretty trippy.

One of the three Salt Lick locations.

I love outdoor seating and hanging lights are always adorable. Unfortunately, this was probably the best thing about The Salt Lick.

I ordered the beef brisket, sausage, and pork ribs combination plate for $10.95. It came with sides of coleslaw, beans, and potato salad. I enjoyed the brisket and the potato salad, but it definitely was not as incredible as everyone claimed it to be.

The Hubby ordered the overpriced beef ribs plate ($14.95). He said that Lucille's BBQ was much better, which is really quite sad since California is not necessarily known for it's BBQ. I think what we really need to find is some hole in the wall joint in a small town. 

When we came home, we found Bella impatiently waiting for us in the laundry room, which was strange because when we left her she was locked up in her cage. I don't know how she manages to break out so often. The Hubby quickly did a scan of the damage to her house as she is known for making gigantic messes when left on her own. 

We found that she had gotten into her very expensive bag of dog food (which she has thrown up twice since we got home), peed on the carpet in our bedroom for the fourth time, grabbed The Hubby's toiletry bag from the counter and ate what she could, and dragged the trash through the bathroom. 

The video below makes me laugh for several reasons:
1) I captured Bella's "Guilty Face" which I find so funny. Her entire face scrunches up and it looks like she's squinting. 
2) I had to pause when I said "Did you eat Daddy's......toothbrush?" I completely forgot the word for it because it was almost unrecognizable. 
3) She snarls at me around 0:32 and I captured that on video.

The Hubby is at the grocery store on his own while I monitor Bella in case she throws up again. It will be interesting to see what he comes home with. 

I have a feeling that we will hear vomiting noises in the middle of the night. She is currently pacing the living room because she does not have a soft surface to sleep on now that she threw up on her bed.

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Rebecca said…
dude wth is the truck doing??

and you need to work on your stern voice hahahaha
shirley said…
i can't believe she ate the top of the toothbrush LOL