Furry Couch Potato

This is the conclusion of Bella week! I wish I had a grand finale, but I couldn't think of anything clever. Plus, I am lazy. All I have for you is a compilation of Bella on the couch. Exciting, I know.

Enjoying some bonding time before NTC.

Bella makes a good pillow.

Dog pile!

Keeping my legs warm.

Camera whore.

And of course this was all before this post on poop juices.

We're off to take a nap! I have been sleeping horribly lately and am quite exhausted. Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. to family members: Brandon has access to his phone now and sounds very good. He said that this past month's training has mostly been fun. The battalion is scheduled to come back sometime between the 16th and 18th. I would like to know exactly when ASAP so that I can know how much time I have to get the house back into shape.