My Husband is Awesome.

This morning I was not woken up by the sound of urine hitting the carpet. Instead I had a phone call from the battalion commander! (Refer to Army Crash Course to see how high up he is.)

It's not every day that one lowly wife receives a call from a Lieutenant Colonel.

This is how the conversation went. Or at least how I remember it. I have changed his name to Pocahontas's sweetheart. The Disney version. My thoughts are in parentheses:

Me: Hello? (I saw the 254 area code and thought it was the vet calling to check up on Bella)
Him: Min?
Me: Yes?
Him: It's John Smith. (Oh, sh*t. I hope The Hubby isn't hurt. Calm down.)
Me: Oh! Hi! How are you? (At least I hope I asked him how he's doing.)
Him: I'm well. I just wanted to call and tell you how proud I am of The Hubby. He did a spectacular job here and he went above and beyond my expectations. (Yeah, I know my husband is amazing. Glad you see it too, sir!)
Me: Oh, wow. Well thank you for letting me know. I really appreciate it.
Him: You should be very proud of him, too. (Well, that's a given.)
Me: Oh, I am already. I'll be sure to pass this along to his family. I'm sure they'll be glad to hear it. (I'm going to blog about this!)
Him: And I'll try to get him home within the next few days. (Thank goodness!)
Me: Yeah, that would be nice.
Him: *Chuckle* It would be, wouldn't it? Well, take care.
Me: Thank you for calling!

Things to take away from this phone call:
1. I have a kick ass husband. It's confirmed. A Lt. Colonel said so.
2. I like that John Smith didn't introduce himself as Lt.Col. Smith. It makes him sound friendlier.
3. I should probably wake up before 0930 so that I don't sound groggy the next time someone important calls me.
4. I need to stop starting my sentences with, "Oh!"
5. The Hubby is going to be just fine in Iraq.
6. The Hubby chose the right career path.
7. I'm prouder than ever.
8. I'm sure his family and friends are, too!


Rebecca said…
this made me smile :)

ps. hope you got my text!
Anonymous said…
that is SO awesome!
shirley said…
good job brandon!