Smart, But Stubborn

First poop on yesterday's entry, and now urine in this one? Oh, I'll never be taken seriously now. Bella woke me up yesterday morning with the sound of her urine. She squatted for at least a full minute, and if you think I'm exaggerating, it took three large ShamWows and one small one to sop it all up. I put a dime next to the lip-shaped puddle so that you can gauge the size of it for yourself. 

Just as I had predicted, the steroid shot made her urinate five times more than usual yesterday. And it resulted in me cleaning the mess up in my skivvies while she just sat there and watched, laughing. Okay, not laughing, but she definitely did not look guilty at all.

By the way, I know how disgusting this picture is. All the pet fur on the carpet just makes it worse, but at least it inspired me to finally whip our our vacuum cleaner again.

Bella has many flaws, including her refusal to be housebroken, her attachment issues, and her health, but her smarts makes up for it. I wish I could find a video of her ringing a bell with her nose when she had to go out and use the bathroom (which obviously would have been useful yesterday morning). Sometimes, she's a little too smart for her own good. I decided to make a list of all of the English words/phrases she has learned over time. While some of them seem repetitive, they all mean different things to her. 

For example, "sit" means to sit while "go sit down" means to sit on her bed. And some phrases are universal. "Go inside" can mean inside a bathtub, her kennel, the house, or a closet. 

The following is a video of her doing some of her commands. She has trouble sitting on our floors without sliding into a "down" position so I think that is what happened in the beginning. Or, she just knows that if she exposes her belly she'll get some lovin'. 

And this next video is just a downright diss. So disrespectful to the person who provides sustenance. Bella can be very stubborn sometimes.

Bella is also responsive to non-verbal visuals or sounds. She goes absolutely nuts when I pick up my keys, grab my purse, or grab her leash because this means that either I am leaving or she is going out too. She also gets antsy when I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror or get dressed in real clothes, which is just a sign of how rare it is for me to get out of the house.

My favorite way to get her attention is to ask, "Are you hungry?" She licks her lips and leads the way to the laundry room where we store her kibble. Stretching is one of the signs that she's excited. I guess she just wants to be limber for what is ahead.

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