Thanksgiving Confusion

Tomorrow is our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. My family has never been big on this national holiday, or really any holiday other than Chinese New Year's. I remember specifically one year we ate in front of the television watching "Spider Man 2" and ate Chinese chicken salad from Costco. 

I have gone to a church every Thanksgiving morning since 2003 to help with their soup kitchen. It was a wonderful tradition. I looked into soup kitchens in this area, but could not find any information. I think if our schedule permits it, I would like to volunteer on Christmas morning instead.

If my memory serves me right, The Hubby and I have tried to juggle Thanksgiving back in California only twice. The other years he stayed back east. I remember running from one house to the other and one year we missed dinner at all the houses.

This year, we have zero plans. The Martha Stewart in me wants to host a giant party for all the single soldiers in The Hubby's platoon, but one of his sergeants is already taking care of that front. We were invited to that gathering, but The Hubby decided to politely decline because no one needs to have "The Boss" around to ruin their day off. 

I'm not too fond of the idea of making an entire meal for just the two of us and even the ready-made meals are too large for us. But at least I'll bake a pumpkin pie. That's festive, right?

Nana and Pop asked us to keep an eye out for a delivery yesterday. I was worried that I would miss it due to The Hubby's somewhat impromptu promotion ceremony, but I got back home right in time for the UPS man to ring our doorbell.

In the package was a box of Shari's Berries, still cold and in prefect condition due to careful and clever packaging.

The Hubby's wonderful grandparents sent us a dozen dark chocolate covered strawberries--a "healthy snack". Can you guess whether or not I was able to wait for The Hubby to come home before gobbling one down?

Since strawberries go bad pretty quickly, we took it upon ourselves to eat as much as we could yesterday.

Thanks for the special Thanksgiving treat, Nana and Pop!