A Note

To My Readers,

So a few entries back I received somewhat of a nasty and anonymous comment which led me to bake angry cookies. Baking is therapeutic. No need for drugs or alcohol, peeps!

My sister recommended that I moderate the comments coming in so that I can decide what goes public. Hey, it's my blog so shouldn't I be able to decide whether or not I only want happy-I-believe-in-fairies-thoughts? I just discovered this morning that there were a bunch of comments waiting for moderation. And all this time I thought no one was reading anymore!

Rest assured that I will be more adament about it now. I hope you all know that comments drive me to update daily. This gal shamelessly needs the attention, ya'll.

And hello to any new readers out there listening to my ramblings :)

Another hello to the lurkers. I know you're out there. Say hello sometime. I won't bite, and neither does Bella.

Married Minzilla


Shirley said…
Min! Your blog cheers me up when I'm depressed from studying =)
Anonymous said…
Min, I can't believe that happened to you. You gotta ignore the haters out there! They obviously are losers if they read a blog they don't like and then leave a comment about it.