Wedding Scraps

I thought I would share with you just a few of my favorite pages from our wedding scrapbooks. I finished all sixty-six pages while The Hubby was suffering through Ranger School and I was in dire need of having a craft to do during my wedding withdrawals. I would sit down and work eight hours at a time. After three days, they were finally complete. (Click pictures to enlarge)

My ingredients for a successful wedding scrapbook: 
  • Some high quality pictures (Thanks, Hannah and Linda!)
  • Sentimental objects (magazine clipping you showed your hairdresser, cupcake flags, invitations, receipts, napkins, notes, programs, signs, etc.)
  • Colorful paper. Most wedding scrapbook kits stick with silvers, whites, blacks, and golds. I found that boring so I went with vibrant patterns from the Citrus Stack and other pages I had collected over the years.
  • Use your good stuff. This is not the time to hold back.
  • Use embellishments to fill in empty spaces such as stickers or Quote Stacks (Velum and Rub-on). Save money with Michael's 40% off coupons!
  • Lay everything out before gluing anything down. Don't make anything permanent until you are completely certain.
  • Print out quotes from your ceremony or wedding songs in the fonts you used for any paper goods from the big day. 

Save the date with engagement pictures

DIY invitations

The first look

Ceremony details


The ceremony

Wedding portraits

Reception details

Letter from President Bush

Letter from the Obamas

More ceremony details

The saber arch

First dance

Photo booth and wish cards

Favorite wish from Alvin

Candy buffet

Cake cutting


Shirley said…
Good OPSEC Min! I am very proud =)
Alvin said…
Oh memories~

I hope those good times are frequent and many.