Austin Food Crawl

Since it was The Hubby's last weekend before his deployment for a year, we wanted to enjoy ourselves as best as we could. And because there is nothing to do around Fort Hood, we drove over an hour to Austin twice. In our usual fashion, we decided that we would eat our way to happiness because food equals joy in our eyes (and stomachs). 

This is starting to be a food blog...

On the first day, we went to Sushi-A-Go-Go because we were both craving sushi, but did not want to spend restaurant prices. High Yelp reviews made the thought of raw fish from a trailer parked at a gas station more appealing. We ordered three rolls: crunchy krab salad roll, Philadelphia roll and sunshine roll. I'm not sure why it says, "Good Luck!" on our chopsticks.

Although the sushi was reasonably priced in comparison to other restaurants we've been to, California sushi is much tastier and affordable. We left hungry so of course we had to get some dessert! (Click pictures to enlarge!)

We drove just fifteen minutes to our new favorite dessert stop. Oh, Gourdough's! I'm so thankful that you are located close enough to go to and yet far enough that I don't feel the need to visit every week. 

I ordered what The Hubby ordered last time and the Funky Monkey was as spectacular as I remembered it to be. He ordered the Miss Shortcake which had cream cheese frosting and fresh cut strawberries. We ended up picking off of each other's donuts and of course we scraped our plates clean.

That evening, we brought home some Rudy's BBQ for dinner. A full rack of ribs and half a pound of extra moist brisket...Yup, we're fat asses.

Later the same weekend, we went back to Austin to try a vegan cart called Conscious Cravings. We never thought that we could be so completely satisfied by something without meat! For less money than we paid for three rolls of sushi, we were stuffed and left craving for more the next day.

I ordered the Pan Seared Tofu Wrap and The Hubby had the Bella Wrap along with a Couscous Salad. Crazy delicious! Everything was perfectly seasoned and tasted so fresh and warm. We brought Bella along for dinner and she scrambled under our picnic table when I dropped some lettuce on the ground. A dog eating lettuce? Who ever heard of such a thing!

After feeling slightly guilty that Bella did not get to enjoy great food herself, we searched for a dog bakery nearby. The Groovy Dog Bakery had a wonderful selection of treats for Bella and they were surprisingly cheap compared to others that I've seen.

Bella got to snack on bacon ice cream and a yogurt dipped cinnabone. I texted my sister a picture of Bella licking up her ice cream and she called us fancy.

As soon as Bella spotted her treats, she started to charge at me. I guess it really didn't help that I made her take several pictures before letting her at it. She definitely had a blast licking away at her ice cream cup and I'm sure her tongue was raw by the time she reached the bottom. It made us both happy to see her happy.

And then we went to Round Rock Donuts to pick up a dozen donuts for dessert. I think only four made it to the next morning.

Back to healthier eating soon-ish! But I'm going to make some more flat apple pie tonight. Thank goodness for my height coupled with a fast metabolism!


Spencer said…
lol you shouldve put some pictures of some actual restaurants cause now it looks like you eat strictly from carts and trailers
Anonymous said…
those donuts look amazing!!!