Explanations, Plans and Other Stuff

Here are a few questions that I felt needed to be answered

Why I didn't move home: There were several factors that went into this decision.
1) My family moved out of their home into a smaller one, and there is no longer room for me. They've offered the couch, but somehow that just doesn't sound to appealing to me.
2) There will be other deployments and I don't want to run home every time.
3) We love our house here so much that I don't want to give it up. After The Hubby returns from deployment, we will still be here for at least another six months and I don't want to house hunt yet again.
4) I have grown accustomed to eating what I want to eat, sleeping when I want to, and wearing what I want to. These new habits would not be possible if I moved home.

The original plan was for me to go back to CSUF to get my teaching credentials, but his deployment came up so quickly that it was impossible for me to get all my testing done and apply to the credential program in time. I could get my teaching credentials here, but I would not be nationally accredited and therefore would have to go through more testing later on whenever we moved. More on teaching in another post...

What's next for us: Here is the plan as far as I know.
-Sometime between now and next February: The Hubby will return for two weeks for his R&R. As of now, we don't plan on travelling out of the state, nor do we plan on having visitors.
-Next February-ish: The Hubby will return for good. He will have a month off and we want to spend most of it in California. We will remain at Fort Hood until he can leave for Captain's Career Course in Ft. Benning.
-August '12-ish: Back to Ft. Benning, GA for six months.

The timeline gets a little complicated from here. After The Hubby finishes Career Course, he will be assigned to another post where he will take command of a company. He may or may not deploy when this happens. I don't remember how long he has to remain a company commander before he is allowed to go to graduate school.

The Hubby plans on attending business school at UCI so that we can live in wonderful Orange County. We can't wait to have annual passes for Disneyland!

Future Kiddos: My grandmother wants us to have babies now because she says that I'm just sitting at home all day on my own so I might as well. But of course it doesn't work that way. We want to be financially stable so we are going to wait for The Hubby's promotion to captain sometime next year.

Planning children around deployments is almost impossible. You almost have to decide between your husband missing your pregnancy or the first months of your child's life. A good time would be during grad school for The Hubby, but those two years are when we want to have fun and enjoy civilian life for a bit before we dive back into military life.

We've decided to try for a baby during the last few months of school, which is between six and seven years from now. But who knows? All that can change.

I hope that clears a few things up !