Not Lame Snow

Last Friday, Bella and I woke up and we were very very cold.

I looked out the window and saw snow everywhere. I knew I had to take pictures to document this so I put on my coat and boots and headed out the front door with my camera. I didn't bother leashing up Bella because I didn't think she would even step out the door after she hated the little bit of snow from the night before.

But Bella bolted out the door, sniffed around, and then ran all over the neighborhood. She sped two houses down to the left, back towards our house and then across the street. Thank goodness there were no cars on the road.

Paw prints littered our neighborhood.

After I finally got her back inside, I let her out back so that she could play some more.

When it snows at all in Texas, the entire area shuts down because there are no snow plows or salt trucks. There were numerous reports of car accidents on the news. Everything melted by about 1300 and two days later I found myself walking Bella in just a t-shirt and jeans.

I tried to make a mini-snowman. After rolling up two balls of snow, Bella came over, sniffed at it, and then completely batted it away with her paw! She deliberately ruined my hard and cold work.

We definitely missed The Hubby's flat feet in this picture.

And although it was a startling 48 degrees inside our house (a new record for us), I felt warm after coming in from the snow.

So of course I then had ice cream for breakfast...

An icy storm is predicted for tomorrow so we'll both be trapped in the house again. Hopefully that means that I'll actually do the dishes.


chris chang said…
is 48 degrees healthy???? does this mean you just leave your groceries in the garage, as im sure it acts like a natural icebox?
Shirley said…
breakfast of champions!
Joana said…
min- i'm not sure how kyle fits on our futon, it seems to defy the laws of physics. also...i sent you a small package with a few things that i also sent to my mother. i wanted to warn you that the cookie bars i sent may or may not be "hard as rocks" (that's how my mom put it). if so, i am so sorry! it's the first time i made them :( I hope the package gets to you with all that wacky weather you are getting! sorry to leave such a long comment but you had to be warned!
Nicole said…
Min, I have been lurking around your blog for a few months and just wanted to say "Hi." I stumbled across your Minzilla blog when I was planning my wedding last year and I ended up using your helpful tutorials as a guide for preparing my invitations! After the wedding I went back to my computer to find your tutorial and send it to a friend of mine, and I saw on your new blog that you now live in Ft Hood! I live down in Austin, so I thought that was kind of a funny coincidence.

Anyway, I hope you are adjusting to life here. I can't imagine it is easy to move to Waco coming from a place like San Diego. If you have any questions about Texas type stuff I'll be happy to help. Stay warm :)
Min said…
Nicole, Thanks for taking the time to say "Hi!" I'm glad my wedding blog helped you during your planning. Please let me know if your friend needs more wedding related links. I have plenty!

Also, I'm always looking for good eats in Austin if you have any suggestions :)