On Spooning and How Movies Lie

When The Hubby and I first started sharing a bed, I felt the need to be close to him all the time. I believed that we had to at least have a body part touch each other or else all the romance was gone. I wanted to hold his hand. I wanted him to put his arm around me and hold me close. I wanted to rest my head on his chest, etc.

Man, was I naive! At this point, we sleep butt-to-butt.

Curse of the awkward arm.
If you've never spooned before then you don't know about the "awkward arm". The person being the big spoon has to figure out where to put his/her arm during this cuddling process. If you leave your arm in between the two of you then it digs into the little spoon's back. If you stick your arm under his/her neck then your arm falls asleep.

The Hubby and I were spooning before he grew the muscles that he has now on his chest and arms. This is important to note because this entire awkward spooning issue is a new problem of ours.

You see, I no longer enjoy it when he is the big spoon. It does not make me feel comforted or loved. Instead, I feel suffocated as if I am being constricted by a python. Forget even the awkward arm. Just the weight of his arm around my body crushes me and it becomes painful. Seriously. The man has fifty pounds on me and sometimes I feel like he is going to snap me in half like a twig. And sometimes his arm ends up on my neck and I find myself in a choke hold. A mere accident, I'm sure.

I wonder how Bella feels about being the little spoon. She seems to not mind it much. After all, anywhere on the bed is better than the floor.

His other girl.

And forget me even sleeping on his chest anymore. The Hubby gets a kick out of me saying that his chest is like a rock because I guess it's a compliment on his workout abilities. But it's completely true! I always wake up with a sharp pain in my ear if I fall asleep on him. 

But let me say that I am an amazing big spoon. My arm is light enough that it's not restricting, and we don't have an awkward arm issue because my twig arms fit into the nook of his back easily enough where he doesn't even notice it. 

My favorite place in the world is in between his shoulder blades. I guess Bella will just have to be okay with being the small spoon for a few months longer.

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Spencer said…
hahaha best post in a while. you cant handle the gun show!
Scott Andrews said…
Nice work. I link to your post in my blog, "Seeing Things." In my post I offer a solution to the problem. http://scottseesthings.blogspot.com/2011/06/cure-for-awkward-arm.html