Overheard in Fort Hood

I went on post today for a free spouse spa day that was set up for all the lonely wives. It was a lovely gesture, but not really much to write home about. They offered a five minute massage, a mini-manicure and a "facial". I went for the facial because there was no wait. It really was just some Mary Kay consultants trying to sell us their products by letting us try their cleansers, creams and makeup.

Mary Kay consultant: Hi, I'm Ashley!
Me: Hi. I'm Min.
Mary Kay consultant: Hymen? That's an interesting name. It's so nice to meet you! Are you ready for your makeover?
Me: Uh, my name is just Min. (chuckle chuckle)

*Hymen definition here in case you don't know.

And this is why I will now forever spell my name whenever I introduce myself to anyone.
"Hi, I'm Min. M-I-N"


Rebecca said…
HAHAHAHAA i choked on almond milk reading this hahahahahahahahahaha
Spencer said…
then they will think Hymen, am I in?