Let's Make: English Muffin Pizzas!

Dieting has done something strange to me. It makes me think of food all the time. If I eat ___ now, will I be able to eat ____ later? Is this half a cup of grapes or is it actually three-fourths? I can't wait to wake up in the morning so that I can eat again.

When my sister came for her visit, it was impossible for me to maintain my diet. We ate and ate and snacked on candy until bedtime. My sister, who slathers butter on biscuits without any hesitation, is someone who can eat and not gain any weight at all. Yeah, one of those girls.

The extent of my workout was canoeing in Austin and shopping, and this continued for another week. My seven-day break undid all the hard work I had done previously, and I gained the weight I lost back. No good at all. 

I'm coming down with a cold, or maybe it's allergies, and I have been combating it with 500% of Vitamin C supplements daily along with cups of water. It took every ounce of willpower today to pop in my 30 Day Shred DVD and put on my sneakers. I half-assed it but at least I broke a good sweat. 

I have really great breakfasts each morning: scrambled egg white substitute with some pepper and ketchup, lightly buttered and toasted whole wheat English muffin, and a cup of dark chocolate almond milk (320 calories, 16 g protein). This meal is something that I look forward to and holds me off until lunch and after my workout. 

Today's lunch was especially satisfying because it was a healthy version of pizza with much fewer calories, but the same amount of yummyness. 

The Hubby and I used to make pizza at home with store-bought healthy ingredients, but the pre-made pizza crust was loaded with calories. Baking the toppings on a split light English muffin, however, is a great 100-calorie crust alternative. Toasting it beforehand keeps it from getting soggy.

The other day when I ate out for dinner I chose to replace my side of fries with a salad (no cheese, dressing on the side, ate only two croutons). And if that isn't enough proof that I have changed my ways, I don't know what is. I NEVER say no to fries. NEVER.