Pretty Princess Fruit

I woke up in a considerably horrible mood yesterday. Just awful and short tempered and wanting to stay in bed for the entire day. But then my friend Shirley called to check up on me and just talking to a kind voice changed my mood completely. And although her phone call was enough, she also sent me an Edible Arrangement bouquet!

She knows me so well to choose the Disney Princess bouquet. Perfect!

I've never received anything like this before, and I was thoroughly impressed by the freshness of the fruit and the great detail of everything. Pineapple in the shape of a butterfly? That's unheard of!

But the best part of it all is that it definitely still kept my diet on track because surely if she had sent me a box of chocolates I would be over my calorie budget twofold.

Today's breakfast: egg whites, whole wheat English muffin, and pretty fruit

Thanks so much, Shirley! You don't know how much your thoughtfulness means to me. I'll be snacking on fruit for the rest of the week. Bella appreciates her new crown, too. She insists on wearing it all the time. 

Princess Bella


Spencer said…
wow..i need a friend like shirley..
Shirley said…
Princess Bella! Adorable =)