Una Combinación Perfecta

My taste buds have had an extremely happy weekend. I'm not sure if you understand what it is like to go from eating hummus and carrots for lunch every day to scarfing down platefuls of juicy homemade beef brisket. It is an amazing feeling that makes my eyes roll to the back of my head. 

I invited a group of women over for some apple pie Friday afternoon because I had been craving some for quite a long time and needed an excuse to bake. I was expecting to serve seven, including myself, so I decided to make a full apple pie instead of my usual flat apple pie or apple pie puffs. I followed a well-reviewed recipe I found online and decided to top it with stars instead of a lattice work top. 

My first apple pie!
The pie tasted wonderful, but the result look was not what I was going for. Next time, I won't try to brush the top with the sugar paste and instead I will just toss the apples with the mixture instead. But, really, anything with that much butter and sugar will taste absolutely delicious!

One very talented guest brought huge servings of tortillas, potato salad, pico de gallo, rice, and slow cooked beef brisket to share. And holy crap was it amazing! Such legit homemade Mexican food! I went back for thirds and I savored every single bite. The chef said that she still had another half of brisket left at home so she told us to keep leftovers for ourselves, and of course we did so without complaint. I have been eating two servings of brisket and rice for lunch these past two days. There is a bit of meat left and I am trying to ration it to last because I do not want it to end.

The amount of food would have been perfect if everyone expected had shown up, but only two women came despite expressions of excitement and RSVPs from the other expected guests.

But, in the end, I couldn't be happier with how my Friday afternoon turned out. I was able to strengthen my friendships with two spectacular women and we had amazing and real conversations. Small, intimate groups is really what I am better at, anyway. Plus, we were able to have two slices of apple pie instead of just one, and that is always a good thing.

I've included Bella in this post because while I was busy baking my apple pie and sugar cookies, she decided to pee on her bed in the living room. She was going through a weird phrase that day about being able to walk through certain parts of the house so she didn't make it to the back door. This was her second accident in less than two weeks. I had to toss the bed like I did with the Green Girl so now she is just using a towel to rest on.

What am I going to do with this baby?


Shirley said…
That Mexican food and apple pie look delicious! Poor Bella, she looks really sad in the picture.