What a Life

If you don't factor in the fact that I haven't seen my husband since the beginning of February and am constantly worried that he will be hurt, I have a pretty wonderful life. 

I don't wake up to an alarm clock, but my body stirs me when it has decided that it has rested enough. That, or my hungry dog will strategically make a noise to let me know that she is up and ready for the day. Then, I eat a healthy breakfast of egg whites and light chocolate soy milk--both of which are my current obsessions.

While I eat, I check my e-mails, see what people are up to on Facebook, and watch videos on either Hulu or Netflix. I let my delicious morning meal digest for a bit and then I exercise. Then I snack, usually a juicy and sweet apple, in order to hold my hunger until lunch. I shower without rushing, and the rest of the day is also spent at a leisurely pace.

Recently, I have taken a liking to tanning in the backyard for an hour before my showers. I sit on a towel in one of my swim suits with a reusable bottle of iced water, my cell phone in case The Hubby calls, and a book. I have Pandora radio playing in the background and I snack on mango Luigi's Italian Ice with a large dollop of lite Cool Whip. 

Bella keeps me company and basks in the warmth of the sun, too. I think she knows that in a few weeks the heat will become unbearable, as it is Texas after all. The first few times I did this, diva Bella insisted on sitting on the towel with me. But the heat radiating from her was too much for me so I eventually kicked her off and she now gives me my space. I let her lick the dessert cup when I'm done and she leaves me alone. We have an understanding.

I am so lucky to be able to spend my days in this manner. Having a job and bringing in extra income would be great, but for now we are comfortable so it's not necessary for me to find work at the moment. I'm waiting for the school district to open up positions for substitute teachers. And I'm enjoying my free days while I can because I'm sure that my new FRG leader role will pick up quickly.

I'm beginning to take advantage of our library on post. I miss the convenient online catalog and hold system that was offered by the library back at home, but the ability to get free entertainment is truly wonderful. I wish I could say that I choose to read classic novels like The Great Gatsby or War and Peace on my free time, but I actually like fluff novels. I love Chick Lit. I'm not necessarily in the mood to read anything that makes me rethink my life or makes me cry. I mostly just like happy endings. 

I tend to read multiple books at one time, depending on my mood or even which part of the house I'm in because I have books in different rooms so that I always have something to read. I picked up The Lightning Thief because I really enjoyed the movie version, but I was quite disappointed to discover that the book is nothing like the movie. I'm sure original fans of the Percy Jackson series were disappointed to find the movie nothing like the book.

I read The Undomesticated Goddess quite quickly. It took me awhile to get into it, but once things picked up I couldn't put it down. And The New Yorkers won me over simply because there are dogs in the novel. I actually have the recording on CD and I play it in the car. I love books on CD during drives, especially when the story is so good that you want to sit in your car just a few minutes longer.

I'm about to begin Queen of Babble and I hope I enjoy it because it is the first of a series. I'm always trying to find a good series to read, especially because I've already re-read Harry Potter three times.

Anyone have book suggestions for me? Light reads for now until I'm ready for something a little deeper.

And now my baby girl is nudging me to go to bed as it is way past our bedtime. It's pretty fitting that she is the beginning and end to my day, isn't it?


Shirley said…
You should check out the Hunger Games series. I guess it's targeted toward teens but a lot of college kids I know like it (including me).
Anonymous said…
Queen of Babble is very fun to read. Actually, the whole series is a fun read. Go for Bossypants! I read the first 30 pages in Costco and was seriously cracking up.