The Dog Lady

This is Martin. He's a Beagle. I think he looks like he has eyeliner on.

And this is Lola. She's a Boston Terrier. She likes to sleep on the top of the couch like a cat.

We had a doggy sleepover when their Mommy spent the weekend in Austin for her birthday.

Bella tried to play with them, but they wanted nothing to do with her. While I was recording Lola and Bella, Martin went to lick a plate I had on a table.

Most of the weekend, I had Bella on one side of the couch. 

And the other two pups on my other side.

Sometimes, they would stare out the window.

But mostly they just slept.

And I was surrounded by lazy pooches all weekend.

I love dogs.
Even dogs that rub their butt on my carpet.
Or steal lettuce from my salad.
How can you not?


Shirley said…
Your house is so relaxing that that's all I wanted to do too (sleep). The dogs looks so adorable together!
Mimi said…
That looks SO fun! I'm glad to hear Bella wanted to play with them. Too bad they weren't more cooperative.