Mi Madre

Mom: Hello, how are you?  I am so sorry, I am very busy recently.  i will try to chat with you ASAP.
Me: that's ok mom. i'm doing fine
Mom: good, it's too hot, you better put sunblock lotion on your face/hands/arms/legs often. i am getting the black spots now.
Me: ok. i'm indoors most of the time and i do wear sunblock when i'm out
Mom: how's your 2 honeys
Me: they're both fine. bella needs a bath. i made her some doggy ice cream to cool her down because it's hot here
Mom: did you taste?  delicious?
Me: i can't have any because there's dairy. it's made of yogurt, peanut butter, banana, and honey. she likes it a lot
Mom: i thought dog can't eat human's ice cream
Me: it isn't human ice cream. i made it with yogurt which is better for her. she gets really excited when i go to the kitchen now because she thinks i'm getting her some
Mom: sounds good, i wish i am your doggy
Me: haha. will you cook for me when i come home since grandma will be gone? i want tofu and eggs
Mom: no problem, whatever you want, you are my queen, sweathart, see you soon
Me: ok. bye mom


Elly said…
Aw so cute! I love moms :) My mom made us kimchi that I'm still supposed to pick up.
Spencer said…
i thought dogs were lactose intolerant too