More Snot and Stuff

I am sick and miserable yet again. I thought it was allergies, but then after coming out of the vet's office with Bella today, I hacked up some yellow phlegm. I can confirm that it was yellow because I very unlady-like spit it out in the parking lot instead of swallowing it down. I'm not proud of it, but I didn't have any tissue on hand.

I took Bella to get a heartworm blood test today. No vet in California has ever mentioned the need to put her on heartworm preventatives, but apparently it's a big deal over here in Texas. A friend recommended Trifexis which covers fleas, heartworms, and intestinal parasite infections all in one pill so that it is more affordable. But before getting this medicine, I first needed to get her tested to make sure that she didn't have heartworm disease to begin with. 

They lifted the baby up on the table and held her down. She was panicked. And then a woman stuck a needle in her arm and dug around for a vein. It was so painful for me to even watch as they poked her at least four separate times before she got what she needed. We waited out in the lobby for the results of the test, but then I was told that the test didn't work and that they would need more blood. 

I'm not sure if this is unnatural, but I feel really emotionally attached to Bella and I feel her pain. Watching her go through it again made me want to cry. Just look at that face! 

The test came out to be negative, which is awesome, but I'm not too fond of the fact that I had to pay $30.90 for a piece of paper that would give me permission to spend more money on medicine. At least now I won't have to worry about her being flea infested or little buggies shortening her life.

Bella seems to have lost a few pounds since our last visit and I think it's because we have been going on more walks. The vet says that she can gain a couple more pounds so I'm sure she will not object to eating some more kibble every day.


I'm surprised you weren't instructed to give heartworm medicine before in CA! Good thing you didn't need it since Bella is heartworm-free. Cabana takes it every month. I just got a flyer from our vet about Trifexis and wondered about it. But it doesn't say anything about tick control, so I figured we'd just stay with separate Heartguard and Frontline.