On How We Ate and Shopped 'Til We Dropped

Today marks a milestone! I actually had to upgrade my storage with Google in order to continue putting up pictures on the blog. By paying $5/yr, I now have 21 GB of total storage instead of 1GB. And since I plan on blogging way into our retirement years, I consider it a necessity. 

My sister made her second visit to Texas last weekend and we spent it by shopping and eating a lot of good food. What else is new?

On Saturday, we had plans to make our trip to Austin dog friendly. I decided that I needed to tire Bella down a bit before taking her to the city so that she wouldn't pull on the leash. We took her to the same dog park as I did in February and hoped that she would make friends.

Instead, she behaved quite awfully and showed aggression towards every single dog that would get near her. My sister's theory is that Bella was feeling uneasy since she was the only female dog around three other males who came over to sniff her. I was incredibly embarrassed, but another owner of a male Lab named Austin reassured me that it was okay.

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Again, Bella was more concerned with smelling the grass and the trees than with playing. However, she did chase after a squirrel at one point, and I exclaimed, "That's the fastest I've ever seen her run!"

We made our way down to Austin and again visited the State Capitol. My sister was dressed beautifully so we stopped to take a lot of pictures, which is why there are quite a bit of photos of her. 

The three of us walked down Congress Ave. to the famous Sixth Street which was shut down for the annual Pecan Street Festival. We were really excited to browse all the vendor booths and eat some greasy food. The festival was packed by people and their dogs.

Debbie was extremely excited to eat some roasted corn for the outrageous price of $3. 

But the afternoon was somewhat of a disaster because we were not expecting it to be so hot and we were definitely not expecting Bella's complete lack of endurance. As we were walking through the festival, I noticed that Bella would unexpectedly sit down every few minutes. 

I made sure to bring her portable water dish and to keep her hydrated the entire time so I thought that maybe her paws were burning up. But I touched the pads of her paws as well as the ground and they were cool. Bella was simply tired from both the heat and the walking. Debbie immersed her paws into a cup of free water from Starbucks and we moved on after a five minute break. 

And then Bella started laying down on the floor as we were walking. I felt so terrible for her that I was seriously considering carrying all 60 pounds of her all 1.5 miles back to the car. We ended up taking numerous breaks to the side. I am the worst mommy ever.

Bella received numerous compliments throughout the day. I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing how beautiful she is. Some people are still concerned about the Gentle Leader harness we have on her snout to control her pulling though. 

My pooch suddenly regained her strength when she realized that we were heading back to the car though. She hurried her pace and could not be happier to hop back in. I truly believe that she likes car rides more than walks. I wonder if Bella had a good day or if she thought that was the worst day of her life. 

Afterwards, we went to grab some dinner. I had planned for us to eat some Moroccan burgers at The Flying Carpet, but they were out of gas so we ended up eating at the Crepes Mille nearby.

We split a bulgogi crepe for $8 and I was highly disappointed. Although it was pretty yummy, the serving size was small for such a steep price. Also, it was basically shredded pork with some kind of Asian sauce and not true Korean barbecue meat.

The next day, we were able to drop Bella off with Penny's mom so that we could spend all day in Austin without worrying about either dragging Bella along or keeping her locked up. I had planned to take Debbie on a riverboat cruise, but I hadn't realized that we needed to make reservations. By the time we were aware of this, the boat was all booked up. I felt pretty terrible about it because it was to be the main event of our day. We could have done canoeing again, but it was scorching hot out.

Thankfully, my sister was willing to spend the day shopping with me as I desperately needed new clothes. Almost everything that I own is either faded, has holes, or no longer fits properly. I was able to pick up two tops from the Banana Republic Outlet and two more from the Gap Outlet. Debbie grabbed some sweaters and some awesome Nine West heels. 

And since Rudy's was so good last time, she wanted a second round of this awesome barbecue. The last Lakers/Dallas game was playing while we ate. You know what's worse than watching that game? Watching it while sitting next to a bunch of Dallas fans cheering. I was grateful to have some extra moist brisket and baby back ribs to soften the blow. 

And Debbie finally had her first Gourdough experience. We ran out of time in March to grab some of these amazing donuts so we made sure to get some this time around. She couldn't decide which one of the yummy options on the extensive menu to choose from so I picked the classic Miss Shortcake. It also happened to be a dollar off! The wait time was at least thirty minutes because they only had one working fryer, but it was well worth it.
On Monday, my cold was making me feel miserable so I was not very entertaining at all. But I at least took her to a restaurant called Dead Fish Grill in Belton right next to the lake. The food was good and so was the view. We also made sure to make room for our decadent dessert. 

Thanks so much for visiting me, sister! Sorry we didn't get to do much, but I promise the next trip will be better.

Having her trips out every few months gives me something to look forward to and it's helping this year go by a lot quicker. I'm so thankful for her.

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Photo frames from Maybemej


HOW are you two so slim and gorgeous?! All you did together was eat, and I don't see any photos of salads either! SO not fair.
Rebecca said…
that bulgogi crepe looks amazing..!
maybe*mej said…
Thank you for giving me a note about the frames.. that u used them . =) they where perfect for the photos. Looking nice. Have a great day. =)