Poopy Diapers Redux

Back in April, I wrote about a baby shower I attended and how I won a gift because I selected the poopy diaper. The mommy gave me a copy of the picture she took of me with my Nutella smeared diaper. I was afraid that it was going to be an awful photo, but it's actually one of the best pictures that I have ever taken!

I am not photogenic at all so good pictures are incredibly rare for me. I really wish this good picture of me was of me holding something, anything other than a diaper. 

Like maybe a yellow ribbon? 

Or, heck, even a stack of books?

Does anyone with better Photoshop skills want to work some magic for me?

I'm sure that when it is my turn to hold a real poopy diaper my hair will be disheveled and I will be in sweatpants.

I also quite miss my long hair...


Kenny said…
I've got brownie points to spare.