Stormy Weather

Sure there are earthquakes in California, but at least you can be blissfully ignorant. We did earthquake drills every single year in grade school. One of the best things about beginning a new school year was preparing freezer bags full of canned goods, water, and snacks so full of preservatives that they would last the entire year. 

Duck under your desk, cover your head, make sure all body parts are under the table. And then in high school it was laughable when your male friends from grade school were suddenly too large to fit under a desk without sacrificing a limb. 

Now, I suddenly find myself in Texas where tornado warnings scroll across my television as I watch "Brothers & Sisters" (R.I.P.). And then I find forecasts of golf ball sized hail and even teacup sized hail. TEACUP SIZED?! First of all, wouldn't it make more sense if they made the comparison to something like a softball? It would at least make me take it more seriously, anyway. Secondly, hail gets that big?!

So on Wednesday when the sky turned dark and the sky was covered with ominous clouds, I was terrified. Please, please, Mother Nature. Don't whisk me away to Oz. That classic film seriously freaks me out. I prefer the lighthearted musical version.  

Soon after, it rained and thundered for hours. It was loud and frightening. Raisin sized hail fell from the skies. They say that dogs can predict weather. Bella slept through the entire thing. Except when she had to go to the bathroom and I couldn't help but chuckle as she squatted in the rain and came back soaked.

And then I saw this picture on Facebook. The streets of Fort Hood were flooded, and I was so thankful that no water penetrated our home. Some people had power outages, but our lights just flickered once.

Apparently, the signs of a tornado are: greenish skies, large hail, low rotating clouds, and a loud roar.

I once asked someone where to hide if there is a tornado. She said either a closet or in a bathtub with a mattress over you and I excitedly asked if she learned it from "Desperate Housewives" because that is exactly how Bree and Lynette survived in season four. And then she confusedly answered no and I felt like an idiot.

So Bella and I will hide out in our bathtub, although I'm not nearly strong enough to move our mattress to the bedroom. And it would be incredibly funny infuriating if all Bella wanted to do was rub her snout all over the mattress.

I should really consider finishing up my emergency bin. All I have so far are three MRE's, a flashlight that is also a whistle, and our important paperwork.

By the way, years ago there was an earthquake in California and I quickly shouted, "Come on, Bella!" and hid under the dining room table with her. She obediently followed and as soon as the earthquake stopped and the house stopped rattling she began to bark loudly. A little too late, Bella girl...


Shirley said…
The video of Bella sniffing the bed is hilarious!